Water softeners and Scale Controls

Here in Kent, we suffer from some of the hardest water in the UK.

All this hard water can cause issues and damage to all the pipework in your property along with taps and appliances. To stop this from happening people have been fitting water softeners in their homes for years.

These units work very well but not only can they cost a lot to install (anywhere from £1500 - £2000, including running in a hard water drinking tap), you also have an extra cost each month for the salt you have to add.

CS Heating & Plumbing are delighted to offer an alternative to fitting a water softener.

Advanced Crystallisation Process (ACP) Units are such an exciting development.

Usually used in commercial properties we are now able to fit in your homes at a fraction of the cost of a water softener with no monthly outlay.

These units come with a 10-year warranty and have a life expectancy of 15-20 years. They can usually be installed within 1-2 hours and simply cut into your existing supply.

The ACP has been tested by Surrey University (click here to see the report) and is also WRAS approved. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more.

Very Hard Water

It’s brilliant!

Our water is so soft and you can taste the change in cups of tea (my new standard offer now to visitors over wine).

We’ve had no signs of limescale build-up. The most noticeable change is our laundry and towels, which now feel so soft! I found myself asking Matt to stroke before and after examples the other day.

A far better option in our opinion than a water softener just hooked up to the hot water supply.

How the ACP water softener works
ACP Compared

The cost for fitting the unit is:

  • 15mm unit - £703.64 including VAT
  • 22mm unit - £817.50 including VAT

We don't even have to do a site survey (there can sometimes be additional charges if pipework needs to be altered).

We supply and fit ACP Units from Advanced Hydro Ltd.

ACP Units