Unvented Cylinders

Are You Aware that your Unvented Cylinder Requires an Annual Service?

Did you know that your unvented hot water cylinder is a pressurised system and requires an annual inspection?

If your cylinder is white then it's an Unvented cylinder.

But why is it vital that your unvented cylinder is serviced each year? ...

We get a notification that a service is due on our car and the first thing we think is ‘more expense’, but when it comes to an unvented hot water cylinder an annual service is vital to ensure you and your family’s safety.

Many homeowners are unaware that the unvented cylinder within their home is a pressurised system and therefore requires regular maintenance by one of our G3 qualified engineers.

During the service the C.S Engineer will inspect all the safety devices on the cylinder, whilst also allowing you to raise any concerns you may have regarding the cylinder’s performance should there be any.

This is not just a visual check; the engineer will carry out a full assessment to:

  • Check the installation conforms to Part G3 of the Building Regulations
  • Check that all the temperature controls are operational
  • Check that all pressure controls and relief valves are operating correctly
  • Inspect of all key safety devices
  • Make an assessment of general cylinder condition.

This also allows early identification of potential concerns, which ultimately will reduce breakdowns and unscheduled call outs, preventing unexpected repair bills for the homeowner. The service will also minimise the risk of failure and any potential property damage, promising safety and assurance.

To ensure you’re prepared, it’s always good practice to keep hold of your cylinder’s instruction manual following the installation of your cylinder. This will be useful to the engineer when they undertake the inspection. It is also vital that you keep all servicing documents within a safe place so that should these be required for the purpose of validating your warranty, you will have them at hand.

When your annual service is due, we advise that you contact our Office and arrange a convenient time and day.

At CS Heating & Plumbing we cannot stress enough how important it is that you look after your cylinder. If you have any questions regarding the maintenance and safety of your cylinder, just give us a call.

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